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Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc > Services > Nitrogen and Pumping

Nitrogen and Pumping


Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc. Nitrogen and Pumping Services provide customers with reliable, efficient and engineered well services solutions and intervention for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells. Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc well services solutions support the upstream operators throughout the life of the well by engineering and modeling the interventions, consultancy and field execution of the operations. We engage with our customers in the challenges they encounter in their wells to draw safe, efficient and cost effective solutions at the highest service standards.

Our highly experienced professionals, engineering capabilities, state-of-the-art fleet of equipment and instruments let us tailor the operations to the new demands of the fields, expand the scope of Nitrogen and Pumping applications in servicing the wells and engage in variety of remedial applications beside conventional applications such as acidizing, debris and sand cleanout nitrified fluid, chemical treatment, nitrogen lifting, nitrogen blasting, etc. Our fleet embeds different kind of operations combined with medium and heavy duty packages to encompass all conventional and harsh conditions, heavy-duty operations and large pulling-and-snubbing requirements. We’ve expanded continuously in size and scope by investment and welcoming new challenges and new applications as the forerunner of the service and the largest service provider.

Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc brings innovative solutions to meet the challenges of an evolving and diverse Nitrogen and Pumping market. We use modern engineering and design software, coupled with real-world experience, to create fit-for-purpose equipment that allows our customers to excel in its application. At Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc, we continually work towards delivering the safest, most user-friendly and efficient  Nitrogen and Pumping unit that will endure the daily operational and environmental challenges of today’s oilfield.

We provide customers with reliable, efficient well services for vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells.

With our highly experienced personnel and engineering capabilities, we can customize the service for job-specific requirements. We provide exactly what our customers need to get the job done. This lets us deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for virtually any operational challenge, including high-pressure/high-temperature and H2S applications.

Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc pumping units range from 600 HP triplex to 2,500 HP quintuple units in single- and dual-pump configurations that can operate at the work site independent of other equipment. The units are offered on skid or drop trailer layouts. Known for their high performance, easy service access and ergonomic controls, Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc pumping units are the backbone of multiple spread configurations.

Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc provides full scope of Nitrogen services including:

  • Well Cleanouts: The displacement of wellbore fluids to the surface using nitrogen to pressurize down through the annulus, forcing the returns upward.
  • Gas Lift:The use of nitrogen gas injection, designed to commingle with produced fluids to prevent the wellbore from loading up and stopping flow.
  • Stuck Drill Pipe: The use of high-pressure nitrogen to lower hydrostatic head and allow for freeing of the drill string in cases where drill pipe becomes differentially stuck against highly permeable formations.
  • Underbalanced Drilling: The commingling of nitrogen and drilling fluids to keep the hydrostatic head low and prevent loss of drilling fluids into low pressure formations during drilling operations.
  • Nitrified Fluid Injection: The injection of stimulation chemicals into formation with a nitrogen assist, used to expand the reach and dispersion of the chemistry (foamed treatments). This process also aids in fluid recovery from the formation by providing large energy source for flow-back.
  • Well Integrity Testing:A process used in conjunction with wire-line to manage and measure fluid/gas interface in wells. Well integrity testing is an important tool for locating casing or tubular leaks.
  • Fracturing Applications:High-pressure and high-rate nitrogen can be used in fracturing operations to reduce fluid requirements and to enhance the flow-back of stimulation fluids. This can enhance well clean up following fracturing treatments.
  • Coil Tubing Operations: Nitrogen gas is a key tool in virtually all coil tubing operations, from displacing treatment chemicals, acids, or solvents into the formation. It is also used in well fluid displacements and to clean out the CTU string following well treatments.
  • Pressure Testing:Nitrogen gas can be used for integrity and surface equipment tests. The presence of any leaks can be confirmed during this testing process using helium leak detection or sonic leak testing.
  • Logging with Coiled Tubing in Long gas Wells: Nitrogen gas is being used as a coiled tubing pressurizing agent and as a contingency plan in coiled tubing logging operations. Having a long length gas well with high well head pressure, there is a risk of reaching maximum yield strength of any conventional coiled tubing strings if you pump liquid in coiled tubing string. So it has been proved using nitrogen gas helps to handle these kinds of operations.
  • Nitrogen Purging: using gas nitrogen to purge inside facility and surface pipelines.

Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc provides full scope of Pumping services including:


  • Pumping acidizing fluids: onboard full packages with batch mixer and acid tanks provides acid wash/DST layer by layer matrix stimulation on offshore and onshore fields. The offshore packages can enable you to perform engineered acidizing operations in low volumes and also in bad weather conditions as a contingency plan of stimulation boats.
  • Pumping Xylene and Diesel fluids: In order to perform chemical treatment in high Asphaltine and sludge oilfields, diesel/xylene fluids are pumped to dissolve/remove the damages and enhance and restore the well productivity.
  • Well Cleanout/Killing/Lifting: Onboard packages in combination with CT facilities provide you variety of operations such as well displacement, well killing, well lifting, etc.
  • Pressure/Function Test of CT and WH: HHP pumps with 10,000 psi working pressure are being used to pressure/function test of Coiled Tubing (pipe and BOP) & W.H. assemblies in both onshore and offshore fields.


Our well trained and experienced engineers analyze well characteristics and use advanced predictive modeling to determine the most effective solution to help maximize efficiency and productivity of the operations. We also offer complete data acquisition to provide our clients with a comprehensive record of critical job parameters and to gather feedbacks for further analysis and future optimization. We provide round-the-clock support to our operations.

Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc engineers are equipped with state of the art software to provide comprehensive technical support for nitrogen operations where jobs are designed to optimize the operation parameters, rate, pressure, volumes and optimum depth to perform operation.


Nitro Pro Energy Services Inc are able to provide packages for onboard and rigless operations in onshore and offshore fields to support the requested services from client side. Experienced personnel with onboard packages can perform your operations with minimum crew size and cost effective solution.


Pumping equipment including:

  • Skid and Truck mounted HHP pumps
  • Batch mixers (100 Bbl, 150 Bbl, 200 Bbl)
  • High capacity acid tanks (10,000 USG & 20,000 USG) with mixing capability
  • Portable acid carboys (1,000 Lit, 1000 USG, 2000 USG, 2500 USG)
  • High capacity acid storage tanks (5,000 USG and 10,000 USG)
  • Acid and chemical transferring pumps
  • Hard and soft treatment lines with the highest quality

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